My students need your vote! Egg Drop Challenge Commercials

For the last few weeks(I only see my awesome kids two days a week for ELP) my 5th grade students have been working on a new project of ours called, “Egg Drop Design Challenge”.


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This challenge has really forced them to collaborate as a team and really think through the process of keeping an egg safe. We launch our eggs on October 28th, 2010 at 10:30. I will be filming the results and posting, but before we test to see who the winner is we need your help.

Not only did they have to create a device to keep the egg safe, but I asked them to create a commercial to work on their writing and speaking skills. Below is a video that contains 5 commercials. The beginning takes you through some interviews leading up to the commercials. What we need from you is to view the video and vote for ONE team/commercial/device that you like best.

What is our goal? Hopefully, by next Thursday at 10:29 when the poll closes we are hoping for 500 votes if not more. Please only vote one time to not skew the voting percentages. Thank you for your time. These kids have worked hard and are putting their hard work to the test and broadcasting to you all. Let them feel your love. Leave positive comments and vote and spread the word!.

<br /> <a href=””>What is your favorite Egg Drop Design?</a><span style=”font-size:9px;”><a href=””>customer surveys</a></span><br />

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4 thoughts on “My students need your vote! Egg Drop Challenge Commercials

  1. This challenge is for my 5th grade gifted students. I do not have it designed for others to participate in with the exception of voting for their favorite design from the video. However, your question raises an interesting concept and that is teaching a lesson to my students with a problem to solve and having them work with other students and kids from around the world or whoever would like to join. Let me continue to brainstorm and maybe I can design a unit where my students work with or compete against others outside of the classroom.