National Honor Society Speech: So What?


Never in my life have I put so much time into one 13 minute moment in my life. Last night I presented my first speech of my life. I wanted to really deliver because I had the chance to speak to students and not just any students, but some really amazing students.

I did not want to give the regular jargon that you hear every speaker always give. I wanted to give them something to think about.

I was beyond nervous. Right before I was introduced I thought my heart was going to blast through my chest.

I recorded this speech using my GoPro camera. I did not want it to look obvious so I placed the camera on the podium so it would not be viewable. The result is a really bad angle, but it will at least allow you to gain a sense of my message as the audio turned out well. I recorded the speech so I could reflect and break down how I performed.

I just wanted to share it here in the hopes that it possibly inspires others.

I hope you enjoy and always am open for feedback.

On a side note, I have to mention that it was so fabulous to connect with some of these students. I have not seen some of them since their middle school days. It is so cool to see them growing up, mature, and preparing for the next phase of their life. I wish I had more time to talk to them all. In speaking with some of them we started sharing stories and it was a great reminder that it is not about the content we teach, but in the way we teach our content that forms relationships and establish a bond where they know you care for them. Besides one story I don’t believe one memory dealt with a single assignment, test, or project. It was a good reminder that it is so vital to show students that we really care for them.

It was a great night and I am still beyond honored that I was asked to speak. I feel quite blessed to work with so many amazing students and staff.


Aaron Maurer


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