I send out an email newsletter every Sunday or sometimes every other Sunday. It covers everything interesting I’ve seen in in the world from my view on why it matters, and also has a digest of my blog posts.

It’s my digital notebook for the week.

Addresses are stored properly (using Mailchimp) and will only be used for this list.

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2 thoughts on “Newsletters

  1. I teach computer tech classes (Office programs, Web Design, Desktop Publishing, Photoshop). I really like the concepts of PBL and a flipped classroom. I don’t believe I can completely make my room flipped, but it intrigues me a bit. What insight, ideas, research, etc. do you have to suggest to sort of join the two (PBL & flipping). I think it would be too much to have videos for learning how to use the program from the curriculum I teach. I want to modernize how I teach so students are more engaged through how it is taught and what they are learning.