PBL Driving Questions taken from Reddit

I love Reddit. It the website that continues to suck more and more of my online time as I read, interact, and engage with people from all over the world. I am currently knee deep in the Stranger Things discussion as I finish up the first season. It was my go to place when I was obsessed with the Serial podcast and I follow many other channels.

Over the weekend I was reading the AskReddit thread and it dawned on me that some of the questions would lead to great learning if used as a PBL Driving question. Yes, you would have to edit and clean up a bit, possibly build some parameters, and ensure it all safe for school.

Below are 7 questions that I pulled that I thought could really lead to some powerful learning moments in school. What do you think?

**I have provided the hyperlink to each question if you want to explore the comment discussion. Just remember like any thread online there are dumb comments, some crude language at times, and all that happens when it is open to anyone. Look past that and into how the questions could really push thinking.**

Human evolution is in your hands and you have the power to add or remove one thing from the human body, what would you do and why?

What was the biggest “f**k you” given in history?

What is surprisingly still impossible in 2016 ?

If you could get rid of any food in the world, which would it be and why?

If society only had 1 law, what would you want it to be?

If adults had a “Recess” what sort of things would be on the playground?

What is widely accepted as fact but in reality is not true?


Bonus Link: In my newsletter this week I shared about this Reddit thread and this whole subreddit could be a course itself.

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