Play and Tinkering in the Classroom: #edplay Twitter Chat Reflection


Last night we had our first Twitter Chat for the Play and Tinkering in the Classroom PD group. I created this group to expand the conversation that I am having with a few teachers in my building as part of their PD this year. It has really taken off and I am really grateful for everyone who has joined the group and participated so far. It is a work in progress and to be honest it has become my Play and my Tinker time to figure out how to best deliver quality content that works for people without a bunch of fluff and bullcrap that we often get forced to do.

The topic for the chat last night was

 Issues of Play in a system of education that does not find value in play.

We had a few questions we discussed over the course of an hour.

Q0: Introductions
Q1: What is your definition of play in the classroom?
Q2: How is play viewed in your school/district? Is it something that is promoted or something that is deemed not as important as preparing for tests and standards?
Q3: What issues have you had implementing the notion of play/tinkering in your classroom in terms of staff, student, parent buy in?
Q4: What have you found to be useful when implementing the whole idea of play into your classroom?
We had some really honest and quality conversations going on. This was a perfect example of quality over quantity. We had  just a handful of people jump into the chat, but they were all amazing and brought some really quality thoughts to the table.
I did archive the entire chat. You can access it here, but you will have to read from the bottom up as the last tweet is the first of the night and then scroll up. A good challenge for your reading abilities.
I hope you find the info useful. We would love for you to share your thoughts and ideas. Even if you missed the chat we are continuing the conversation over in our G+ Community which you can access and join below
Play and Tinkering in the Classroom PD: Join our conversation
The chat forced me to think about ways of helping the teachers and community value play in the classroom. I feel that is an arena that I can tackle in my job. I will be back reading the chat and sharing out  more ideas in the G+ community. I look forward to hearing from you.
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