Project Based Learning: It’s More Than Projects!

This is a video I put together to show some of the latest things developing in our school. This is a small snapshot of so many great things happening. This video is intended to be showcased to our school board so they can see all the hard work teachers and students are doing in the classroom.

Five minutes is not enough time to share all the other great projects not mentioned so I guess a part two will have to be made to give proper credit to so many awesome educators and students in our building.

Enjoy and would love your feedback and thoughts.

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One thought on “Project Based Learning: It’s More Than Projects!

  1. i like that one vehicle with just the wheels, cuts right to the core. I might suggest a fan to power them to make a consistent input and they could design their vehicles accordingly. And then chart for distance and speed and possibly even hauling power ? nice job, good luck, mike