Proximity <=> Creativity and Collaboration

Proximity does not equal more creativity and collaboration.


The key is to be near the right people

So, the question that needs to be asked, “Are you allowed to put yourself near the right people?” Or are you forced to work with certain people that do not push you to the next level? This is a question that needs to get asked more. Many times we are told who we will work with and who we will collaborate with and not given the choice to connect with those that can make us stronger.

What if in education we could choose who was in our department or if we could select our teams? Many say that is not fair as the good educators would group themselves and then education would not be fair for students. I would like to push back and say then perhaps that exposes some educators to the fact that they cannot behind others. Perhaps it would ignite change because they would be working with people that they are comfortable with…….I mean we tell students all the time that life is not fair. Many of us see the headaches of forced groups and the beauty of work when students can choose partners.



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