Quotes To Ponder: An Experiment in Mix

I have been working on collecting quotes and phrases that I find myself using over and over again this summer. Not all of these are exactly my own, but have been phrases that either I have shared in blog posts and later in conversations or heard or read from somewhere and have adapted into my dialogues in education.

I also wanted to continue to explore Office Mix and test out some ideas for a PD I am creating for the upcoming school year.

With that being said I used Canva to create some graphics of quotes. I would love it if you would test out my mix and give me feedback on the slides.

Go ahead and open the mix here.

The first slide has a very short one minute audio clip providing instructions. From there it is pretty easy to figure out with you typing right into the slides.

I am interested in your thoughts. I will post a follow up blog on how this turns out.

I appreciate you taking time to check the slides and sharing your ideas.

Have a great day!


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