Robodogs LEGO EV3 Camp Day 1

This year of camp is off to a great start. We are testing out new ideas this year. First, we eliminated group work and gave each student their own robot. This means we have 70 robots doing some amazing work, but it also requires lots of organization, sorting of parts, and making sure that everything works.

Additionally, this year we decided to use old FLL mats to give students a true simulation of First LEGO League. In years past we have designed and created daily missions. This year we mixed things up and so far it has been a smooth beginning. We must continue to ensure that students have daily successes.

For the first day we divided students into three groups. We took our new students and taught them the software, how the sensors work, and how to do basic programming. We did not spend a long time on this, but just enough for them to understand how things work. We then shared the board and explained all the challenges.

For our returning students and former Robodogs we gave them a kit and set them to work on their own to get started. We discussed how we are looking for their strategy and ideas. For our new students we had a prebuilt robot that they tested ideas out on before they were given their kit to build a new one from scratch.

By the end of both three hours sessions we had students already solving missions and already finishing up their build designs for their robots. They were much further ahead than we expected. There is a power to personalized learning when instead of trying to whole group teach and holding people back. Instead we gave them the tools they needed and away they went. The students have ideas and until they build and try them out for themselves they are not going to listen or hear our ideas. As they work they ask questions to us and to their peers.

Three hours is a long time, but you would be amazed at how focused every single student was during the camp. These are some amazing students. I cannot wait to see what they accomplish today.

Day 2 will be some quick teaching points based on what we observed, a few suggestions, and then working to solve the missions.

Here is our photo album from day 1. We will have many more pictures in day 2

Here is a little video of day 1 that I put together for everyone along with some slides we used at camp.

Here is the pre camp Sway sent out to students for them to prepare.

Last, here is all of our camp information for those interested

Cheers to an awesome first day and onwards to another exciting day of camp today!

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