Science Experiment Conversation

I am going back and cleaning up the 100+ blog posts I have written since 2009 that have never been published. Some are too personal to share, some never finished, and some just plain suck. However, there are moments that need to be shared. Over my spring break I will be posting some of these as I take a break and do some new adventures.

This post is from April 9, 2010 so my son was only 5 years old. This is just too funny to not share!


My son Aiden loves science and doing his own little experiments. For his birthday and Christmas he was given about 6-7 different kits of beginner science experiments(he is 5 so keep this in mind when you read the rest of this post). Last night we were working on an experiment mixing citric acid and baking soda and food coloring to make cool looking volcanos. Well, as were getting everything around to begin our science evening here is what was discussed.

Aiden: Dad, I really want to do some experiments(restated multiple times as I was hoping that not responding would help change his mind…did not work)

Me: Alright, let’s go to the kitchen and get the stuff.

Aiden: Okay dad, you get the powders and I will go get my testicle tube.

Me:……..(yes, a pause)What are you going to go get?

Aiden: (With a serious look on his face like I am an idiot for asking ) My testicle tube so I can mix the stuff in the testicle tube

Me: (trying not to laugh) Do you mean you science experiment tube?

Aiden: Yeah, my testicle tube that I always use

Me: Hey, Amanda(in the other room), could you help Aiden find his testicle tube


You gotta love children. If only he knew I was sharing this with the world. Needless to say we also had a vocabulary lesson that lead to many intriguing questions.

What are some of your funny moments similar to this as either a parent or educator?


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One thought on “Science Experiment Conversation

  1. Hahahaha! I teach college chemistry. Next time a student can’t remember what it’s called (happens way more often than you would think) I’m gonna tell them “testicle tube”. Thanks!