Seriously, Where Did February Go? FAIL February and March Madness

I really have no idea where February went. I am already a few days behind posting my March goals. Here is my March plan followed by what I learned and achieved failed in February.

This month I have seven goals. I have less than February because I realized I simply had too many of them and it was not realistic. I am finding myself more tired, sluggish, and unmotivated than ever before. I am sticking firm to my year goals of doing less. Seven might be too many yet, but it is a start down that path.

I launched a blog post and challenge earlier this month with hopes of sharing this month, but it did not quite happen. I organized a 25 day teacher challenge. I only had a few submissions which I was hoping for more. Instead of pouting, I am modeling and leading the way. I am currently developing 22 of the 25 days so I can launch in a few weeks. I will model sharing in hoping that others being to contribute and I can extend the 25 day sharing. This is back on the docket.

I am also creating a 30 Day Arduino Challenge for myself. I want to learn more in terms of building and coding with Arduino. I have begun the framework to record and document 3o straight days of learning. I will be sharing this on my YouTube page in April. For now, I am processing my specific goals and aims to get ready to launch.

I posted complete all workouts again. I have hit a two week slump where I just cannot get out of bed in the morning. I am already behind in my goals this week and packed on weight I have lost the last two months. This weather needs to break so I can get outside. Excuse? Yes! But I will make it happen.

I have big goals for this year in terms of YouTube video production. I am aiming for four new videos and a goal of 3800 views this month total. The focus is on quality and the views will allow me see if people are attracted to the content.

Podcast production has fallen behind. Not sure if this is something I need to let go. I love podcasting, but perhaps this is one place that I need to release. I am going to give it one more try and see if it develops like I want. If not, then it might be put on hold for a while.

Last month I only generated one newsletter. I have about 4 in draft mode so I need to clean them up, finalize and send out. I am learning so many things through the newsletter. I have learned that bad quality leads to people unsubscribing. I have to find what people want and make it happen.

In order for all of this to happen and to stay sane I need to read books. I was on a roll, but have hit a slump as well. I have a massive stack to read so it is time to dive in. I have them lined up. Now to find time to read and make it happen.

What are your goals for March? Check out my history of goals so far. I would love to know what you are doing to keep your goals in check.

Now, I need to look back at February. How did I do?

Sphero Workshop – This is off the table. My full day workshop has changed. Not enough people signed up for this workshop so I am transitioning to something bigger, better, and more powerful. Sometimes setbacks lead to great things. More details coming. I failed this goal, but I am alright with it.

Summer Camps – I still have not launched them. Robotics camp is underway and we are halfway full, but I want to launch some new engineering camps. My issue is that maybe I let it be and stay home. Doing less is my goal and sometimes I need to realize that doing more, more is not the answer.

YouTube – Produce four videos and have 3800 views total in the month. I reached this one! Yahoo! Finally hit a goal.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.31.31 PM

These numbers are almost identical to January. I am holding steady, but at some point the numbers should start to climb steadily as I produce more videos. Time to work on better content.

Produce Two Podcasts – Failed this one as I only pushed one out. The other one fell through with students. Once again, this might be something to let go, but I will give it one more month.

Read 5 Books – I did read five books.  I read more than five. I only reviewed three so I need to complete the other two reviews that are worthwhile. Perhaps I should rewrite these goals to read and review. Actually, fixing my goal for the month now…..

Date Night With Wife and Kids – I had a couple days with my kids and it was great. I will not make this a goal anymore, but an expectation. We went to Spongebob, we checked out a new exhibit at the Putnam, and we checked out the Family Museum. We had three great dad and kids trips. I will keep this going and this is most important. I will work on date night with Amanda. We have been busy. On a positive note we have scheduled two weekends in Chicago. We will make our date nights happen more.

StuCamp kicked butt

Complete all workouts. This did not happen. I had a bad two weeks. Hoping to get back on track. I gained all my weight back as I had dropped over 12 lbs. I need to refocus and make time for my health. A major problem for me this month.

I did bike 240.6 miles which was an increase from 204 miles in January.

BUT I only ran twice for 14.89 miles which is down from 52.8 miles I ran.

My goal this month is at least 40 miles of running and staying steady on the bike.

I type all of this and realized I did not do a very good job. This really focuses me to wake up a bit. I did not hit many of my goals. I actually thought I did better this month, but this habit of monthly reflection is powerful. I actually don’t really want to publish this but I must stay honest and open.

One of my things that fell apart was my logbook. I have this started back up. The key here is daily checking and logging. I must make myself aware of my daily actions.

Here is to a great March!


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