Shrink the attention span to boom the voice


Twitter and Facebook may be shrinking attention spans, but they also have an amazing capacity to amplify your voice.

I received an email a while back that  I posted my 16,000th tweet(I am now over 18K)

16000 x 140 = 2,240,000 characters

2,240,000 characters/ 5 character for average word = 448,000 words which is easily 2-3 books.

Here I am struggling to write a book on my own when through my PLN I have already done this several times over.

Just because we might be losing our attention spans, don’t forget that we are reading and writing more than ever before. It just might not be the way YOU want it to look. It might not be in worksheet form and a class set of novels. Not that there are not a time and place for these instruments, but don’t scoff at what we are doing. We are doing a lot!


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