Six Sentence Saturday

Welcome to Six Sentence Saturday.

Where I try to express my thoughts on recent reads using only 6 sentences!!!!.

I have taken this idea from many different blogs. I really liked the idea. I am not going to rate the books as that will go into my review when they are finished. These will be books that I am currently reading, but have not finished. I will also change the parameters in that I can only write six sentences total no matter how many books I write about. I have to choose my words wisely.

1. Hate List – Jennifer Brown
I cannot describe the thoughts in my head right now. I cannot stop reading this book and I feeling a range of emotions that I went through when I read After by Amy Efaw.

2. Dirty Little Angels – Chris Tusa

Another engaging read that takes a look at society in present tense. It is not young adult(even though I do hate the label/genre title for personal reasons) because I would not be able to recommend this to my students due to certain scenes. However, I think it is worth reading so far and I cannot wait to find out how it will all come to a close.

3. Paper Towns – John Green

I have one sentence left so all I can say is that this is another amazingly genius(if that even makes sense) by one of my(if not my #1) favorite authors.

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3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Saturday

  1. MM,

    Love this meme and your comments. I’m going to try this particularly since I’m pathetically slow about writing full reviews.

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