Slap bracelet

Slap bracelet
Originally uploaded by Mr. CoffeeChug

The first ad in my campaign to bring the slap bracelets back into style. Thanks to Scott for creating. He is the man!

Be sure to check out my New Year Resolution Video to learn more about this campaign. My goal in 2010 is to bring back the fashion fad of slap bracelets.

If I only I can edit this commercial to make it a commercial for my campaign. How perfect are the lyrics pertaining to slap bracelets? Let me get to work on this idea….

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5 thoughts on “Slap bracelet

  1. Oh Snap! Guess what I saw? That is it. Pure and simple, but the Oh Snap part is perfect for the slap bracelet campaign. I am working on modifying this commercial to have the Biz hold a snap bracelet instead of a camera.

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