Soul Train – Episode 4 – C Hall(back)

Here is the latest episode. This could be the one to beat. This is right up there with B hallway. A few hallways left to do better. Good times, Good times.

Day 5: April 15th
· B8:B16 – 8 TA’s mostly 8th grade
Day 6: April 16th
· B18, J1:J7, A15, A14, A12 – 7 TA’s
Day 7: April 20th
· Media Center and P.E. – 9 TA’s – dance in gym if ok(still need to ask for permission)

The songs 7th Grade c Hall danced to in the video are

1.Fire – Ohio Players
2.Love Rollercoaster – Ohio Players
3.Disco Inferno – Trammps

Here is the Youtube Version

Here is the Vimeo – watch this one if you can as the audio is much better and more fluid.

Soul Train – Episode 4 – C Hall(Back) from aaron Maurer on Vimeo.

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