Speedgeeking 2016

Hey I’m Aaron Maurer, educator, coffee loving, robot making, fab lab and makerspace junkie of all things nerdy. I want to welcome you to the most current edition of the Speedgeeking Productivity Session.

What’s the difference between someone who has mastered productivity and someone who hasn’t?

The answer is the thousands of hours over of your life spent doing what you want to do, with the people you want to do it with instead of sucking your soul, mental well being, and happiness down the toilet doing things you don’t want to do.

Often the difference between someone who is extraordinary productive and someone who isn’t comes down to a few key ideas that anyone can implement into their lives.

Also, there are a ton of tips, tricks, and tools that can enhance your life in a variety of ways.

What started out as a session that was created based on a cool title I came up with five years ago has now morphed into a passion of mine. I constantly trying to hack my life to be more productive while not losing sight of what matters most – family and health.

I am working on a guidebook in which you can read here. Keep coming back to it as I am constantly writing, editing, and updating this document.

I am preparing to launch an audiobook/podcast experiment where I share out ideas and tips in audio format. If you are interested listening and being part of this group then please fill out the form below.

If you want to be notified of an upcoming podcast series on tips and ideas to be a SpeedGeeker of Productivity, then please fill out the form so I can notify you of new episodes.

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