Sphero 2.0 Episode 1: Playing and Programming with Coffeechug Jr.

Here is the first in a series of videos my son and I are going to be making about Sphero 2.0

I have future plans of reviews and videos with my students as well. I have a Sphero 2.0 and this is something that I was not sure how much education value it was going to provide, but I was shocked and am so excited to see the great potential in this device.

This video is just a short snapshot of the kids playing around with Sphero 2.0. We spent hours learning how to center it and then working to navigate. We have downloaded all the apps and testing those out. Personally, I am stoked that my son is learning programming by trying to figure out how to make Sphero 2.0 do what he wants. We are creating some new challenges as we speak and will be posting these soon.

This is just the start. I am curious to see how things develop and how to use a class set in my  middle school.

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