Sphero 2.0 Episode 2: Perseverance and Program Challenge #2

Here is another episode of myself and Coffeechug Jr. working with Sphero again. We are once again examining programming with a 9 year old. He had to work quite hard to figure this one out. The goal was to start out going straight, turn around the block and finish in the box. Simple in design, but when you first start programming he had to learn a few key things about keeping track of past trials, reducing the amount of change in each run(placement of Sphero, same setup, realigning, etc.)

This was another great moment for me to watch with him. Much of what he was going through was the exact same with my First Lego League teams when we talk about how to develop consistent and accurate routines and setups.

After a long journey of trial and error in which he stuck with it, he made it happen.

Off to challenge 3 this weekend.

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