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#StuCamp What I Learned and How I Have Changed 

#StuCamp: Not Just An Event, But A Movement

#StuCamp Pre Event Challenge: Are you game? 



Why Do Students Have To Go To School? #iastuchat Slow Chat Begins!



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My Reflection on ISLI 2014: #IowaSLI and #stuvoice has reinvigorated my life’s work! 

Student Voice and Student Bill of Rights

Student Voice in a Box – Iowa High Five 

  1. Our post on Medium:
  2. The Student Voice Collection on Medium:
  3. Our post on the StuVoice website:
  4. The direct link to our interview on YouTube:

Additional Student Voice Resources

Student Voice News

Make Your Move – Speech to BHS Students

#edplay GHO Panel Chat: Group Work Shownotes, links, and feedback

Authentic Student Voice and Creating Action #edplay chat! 

Coffeechug attends his first #edcamp! Great day at #edcampiowa! 

Emma Doyle Blog on Student Voice

Chloe Johnson Blog on Student Voice

Iowa High Five

Aaron Maurer tells us about how the collaboration process between teachers and students used at his school to help teachers create projects that students consider relevant to their education.

Click here to watch the interview on YouTube. (21 minutes)

The Iowa High Five is a project where teachers present their project ideas to a group of students to solicit feedback and modify their projects before they are assigned to students.

Here are some of the resources from his student voice group:

  1. The Iowa High Five started off as the #BettProject. Aaron has documented the journey of the group on his website:
  2. An online session from Classroom 2.0 where Aaron brought a couple of students on together with him:
  3. Best for last: All posts with the hashtag #edplay, which relate to Aaron’s educator and student connection group where members share ideas on education:
  4. A direct link to the group itself:
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