SuperBetter: A Review and Request to Read This!

Do you struggle with completing the things you want to get done, but just cannot quite make it happen?

Do you wish you could find a book that not only contains quality information, but will move you into action?

Are you ready to power up and make the changes needed in your life, work, family, and personal goals?

If you answer yes to any of these questions like I did, then it is time that you buy this book or track it down and give it a read.

About a month ago I had the opportunity to read this book before being released. After reading the book, making many highlights, taking notes, and figuring out ways to implement the ideas into action into my own life, I finally think it is time to write-up a review.

The book releases Tuesday, September 15th and this should be a book that you get your hands on.

Back at the beginning of August I blogged about how my life would change with the principles in this book(Coffeechug #Superbetter Journey Begins)

A small part of this blog post(which was a bit of a confessional) states

I just finished reading the book SuperBetter by Jane McGonigal  which has been one of the most powerful reads for me personally this year. A review of the book is coming shortly, but the book came at the perfect moment in my life where her research and message connected with me at a deep level. This book is a book we should all read because everyone can gain something from this book no matter who you are, your age, or what you do.

This book has helped me map out a plan to make myself SuperBetter. It is going to help me take care of myself and reach the goals I have not achieved yet. I have many layers to the quests and epic wins I plan on going after, but the first thing is simply fitness.

Without rehashing that whole post I have found a book that actually moved me to action. I have read many high quality books, but often times the ideas float in my mind but never quite make it to the surface where I begin to act on the ideas.

This book is different.

In this blog I will have things coming out soon documenting my soon to be journey as I have been experimenting with some ideas to reach some goals, but in the meantime I encourage you to read the book.

The book itself reads quite smooth. I love the fact that as you read there is a whole website containing every single piece of research used and conducted. I really enjoyed the massive amounts of quests layered into the book to give the reader practice, ideas, and ways to test the waters while reading.

Without giving too much away, here are some of the ideas that really stood out to me. I am not going to discuss them in detail as you should read the book, but I would love to chat about these more if and when you do read.

  • 7 ways of thinking for growth in gaming
  • We need to play with a purpose
  • 1 billion people play digital games for an average of one hour a day
  • “all games teach us to be comfortable with failure, because loss is always a possibility”
  • you are in control of your cognitive resources
  • Theory of Mind
  • motivation alone is far less important to success and willpower than you think
  • when you feel strong and capable you are more likely to use those strengths to help others
  • 21 hours/week of video seems to be the tipping point where things go south
  • games are a voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles
  • epic wins
  • goals come and go, but values stay with you

These are just a few of my notes in my notepad where I scribbled so many ideas. I cannot wait to get my hardcopy so I can actually write in the margins and really up my reflection process.

No matter who you are and no matter what you are trying to accomplish I really believe there is something valuable in this book for you. I know the book goes on sale Tuesday, but if you do preorder she is giving away so many goodies. Act fast!

And don’t forget to listen to her speak with Tim Ferriss and my favorite podcast ever.

Jane McGonigal on Getting More Done with Less Stress and The Health Benefits of Gaming 

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