Talking Google Glass with Don Wettrick #ggee

In Your Face: The Future of Teaching With Google Glass
Don Wettrick with Aaron Maurer


I just wanted to shamelessly share a podcast I just did with Don Wettrick where we talk Google Glass. It was awesome talking and chatting about Google Glass with Don.

I connected with Don a few months ago and am in complete awe of how real he is. As I continue to network and reach other educators to learn from and enhance my learning I have not met someone like Don in quite some time.

He asked me to jump on his podcast show to talk Google Glass. What I loved best about this podcast besides talking about Google Glass which I love is how honest we could be. It was a good old real talk with no sugar coated fluff.

I hope you take listen to the podcast and let me know what you think about our thoughts and ideas. I am always seeking out thoughts and ideas of others.

This has been my second time being asked to be on a podcast and just love talking about all things education. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed talking.

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