Teachers: The Profession Has Chosen You

You don’t choose your profession. The profession chooses YOU! You have been chosen to be an educator.

This thought right here is my lightbulb moment. I previously wrote a small piece about the importance of teachers and I want to follow up with more.

I think we live in a day and age where it is time for educators to come together and support one another. Support through online channels, face to face at conferences or coffee shops, sharing within a building, a district, across state lines and across district lines.

It is time to remove the mindset of education as competition and think about education as collaboration. If we were to all support one another, share best practices, engage in ideas, and come together as one unit everyone wins. More importantly all students win.

As another year kicks off I think it is very important that all educators remember how powerful their profession is when it comes to the impact they can have on lives. I don’t doubt for one second that any teacher forgets this, but it helps to have a reminder.

As the year kicks off I also know that there will be dark patches throughout the year. So, I have started to curate a playlist of videos and resources that any educator can use at any given time when needed. These are reminders to keep doing what you do best and that is teach!

If you want to add to the playlist, then simply reach out to me and I will add to it. The more we have the greater the power in helping spread the word that teachers have been chosen for a reason – you are awesome and the students need you.

I cannot thank you enough for what you do.

And here is a small gift of a playlist of voices to remind you when you need it that educators are great!



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