Teaching Ideas: Free Heat

It never ceases to amaze me how creative and resourceful people are. Here are some examples for you and your students to discuss and possibly make for personal use. Perhaps they could come up with other ideas once inspired by the simplicity of the ones shown. Thanks again for Otto S. for sharing.
Free heat for Many Purposes
Plastic Panels with air channels
Down drainpipes on Eavestrough system Heats Air
How to Make a Heat Exchanger
Endless Hot water – small wood burning stove with coil
Solar Water Heater
Cheap Home Heating (uses old fluorescent tubes)
Aluminum cans used for free heat
Cheap and Easy Passive Window Heat Generator
Passive Solar Water Heater (uses black piping)
Low Cost Water Heater (plastic soda bottles)
Free Logs for Fireplaces (shredded paper and wood shavings)
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