Technology Cannot Mask Poor Teaching

I have been working on a proper way to express the idea that I have about technology in education, but have really struggled to find a correct way.

After reading Did the question change because it’s now a QR code? I finally realized there is no proper way.

Time and time again I see technology being either

1. Misused to try to cover up non essential teaching to make it look “cool” OR

2. Simply not being used at all

Neither extreme is helpful. We push tech, yet as Scott and Rafranz mention in the link we don’t make the necessary adjustments to create high quality learning.

So often we don’t properly analyze our own teaching to determine what needs help. We often don’t like to be critiqued either(yet we love to critique students all day long).

Technology becomes a scapegoat to make us THINK we are changing our teaching, but really are just adding a bunch of fluff to mask the bigger idea that we must change how we teach.


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