Technology is NOT an Education Revolution

I love technology as you know if you read anything I share here. However, I never suggest that it will radically shift learning.

I am tired of people proclaiming that the ________(insert product of choice) will increase achievement.

At the end of the day it comes down to two things.

1. Teachers who care about each student in their classroom.

2. Students who are inspired to learn.

Recently, I came across this video which is a must watch

What do you think of his message? When I conduct workshops, teach class, run my Young Engineering of Today, or coach my robotics teams I get excited about the latest tech, robots, programming, etc.

The fundamental difference is not the difference in tech or tools that we use, but the same key element that I use whether it was 10 years ago teaching Ancient Egypt or helping students build 3D printed holiday ornaments. That element is my excitement and passion for learning.

This emotion spreads. I care for each child and I care for helping them wanting to do their best. In five years most of what I am using in my engineering and robot classes will be considered obsolete. I am not banking on the tech to win over kids, I am banking on my emotion and passion for learning!

A revolution is not necessarily needed in education. Rather, a REMINDER to simply care about students and remembering what it is like to love learning. It is a simple and fundamental aspect of teaching and education that gets lost in the shuffle of reform, data collection, standards, and assessments that suck the very emotion and passion out of teachers and students.

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