The Truth

Don't Fight Your Body or Mind

  1. Don’t copy others – Don’t try be someone else. In order to prevent copying others you must understand who you are. Don’t fight yourself. If you are not a morning person, then don’t force yourself. If you are a night owl, then embrace being up at night. Listen to your body and plan your success and details of your day accordingly.
  2. Study Your Pain – When you push yourself you reach new levels of tolerance and pain. This is what you must study. Not where you are comfortable. Pain is your compass for you to gauge where your potential is. Most people underestimate themselves. They don’t give enough credit to how strong and creative they actually are.
  3. Repeat what you enjoy doing, modify what you don’t. – Pretty simple logically. You cannot just stop everything cold turkey. You need to experience life and be happy, but you have to look at what is not working and fix it. One idea to is to think about what is it that you wish you could stop doing and plan to do the exact opposite.
  4. Turn bad days into good days – You will mess up and you will fall short of your goals. Don’t give up. Never give up. You have to adjust. It is all about your reaction to the situation. These tests of failure test your passion to the goal of reaching your target. If you want it bad enough you will find a way.
  5. Develop a vision of yourself. Who do you want to be? First, create a vision of that ideal version of you. Second, grab some inspiration. Find some idols, mark you channels of motivation online, read your books. Build up your library. Third, get to work. Move into action and start to get things done. Fourth, finish. You are now the marker of your success. You have one mission and this is to complete your challenge you have designed for yourself.
  6. Don’t get stuck on URGENT. Move onward to IMPORTANT. Every moment in our lives we could justify something that is urgent and needs to get done NOW! We must realize that most of the time these items are fake impersonation of important. Rather, they just clutter our lives with appearing to be busy. The problem is that because of all these urgent matters at hand we never get to important and fail to reach our goals. Essentially, don’t fool yourself by bragging how busy you are. That is a joke of a method to displaying how important you are. Instead, stop doing for just doing. Pick the right stuff. Do the right items on your list. Focus on what is essential. Apply the Derek Sivers Hell Yes method.
  7. Set Limits on Yourself. This does not mean reducing your goals. In order to achieve your dreams you have to set limits. You are not able to do everything. You are not some cyborg robot that can work 24/7. You are human. Turn things down. Say no. Close the small doors and wait for that opportunity. I cannot tell you what the process is to make these decisions(see #1), but focusing on no more than 3 items tends to be a great place to start.
  8. Schedule time for yourself. You need your own space. Schedule it on your calendar. Your calendar is more than scheduling other people’s time. Schedule your own. Treat yourself right. If you don’t take care of yourself, then you cannot take of others.
  9. To Do List – people love checking off boxes, but many times we can easily remove 90% of what is on our list. They are not essential. They are meaningless tasks. Instead try the why to do. Why are you doing these things? If you cannot give a purposeful reason give it the old scratch off and move on. Trust me it will always be there later if you feel it is indeed of importance. Don’t get distracted with being busy for the sake of being busy. Getting things done is not essential. Getting things done for you is important.

Remember, the most powerful thing you can wear is confidence.

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