There’s no such thing as meaningless work

We all work hard with best intentions of doing what is best. As parents we strive hard to be the best parents we can be with hopes of raising productive and positive children. As spouses we work hard to meet in the middle to keep the love strong and to support one another through trivial and major events in life. As teachers we do our best with what we have to educate the youth.

I don’t believe that people set out to do meaningless work.

Sometimes they just need help. Sometimes they need someone to let them know things can be better. Just because you have great intentions, an amazing idea, passion for a topic, or are driven by a mission does not mean that you will automatically have wise leadership or a group of people behind you who feel the same.

They are not one in the same. This is why I always state that there is a fundamental difference between managers and leaders. Managers are simply trying to keep the status quo. They might tell themselves and others that they are leaders, but it simply is not the case.

Leaders inspire. Leaders don’t make excuses. Leaders find a way to make things happen. Leaders connect with people. They understand people and help them to join the vision for success.

Leaders ask questions like “What do we all care about?” or “How can we find solutions that address those shared concerns?” Leaders do not yell or demoralize people. Leaders do not provide lip service to an idea and not have any follow through or accountability. More importantly, leaders do not share a vision and then provide zero support.

Leadership is not about a title or position. Leadership starts within you. I know that not everyone will view themselves as leaders, but you are. Until you start to process that mindset, then you will continue to wait for others to give you directions in which you probably won’t like and then complain. This is a vicious cycle in society.

We can all do better. We can all do more. This does not mean more time, but being smart in our use of time and in our understanding that we are leaders. We have all fallen into the trap of thinking we don’t have enough or we are not enough. You are more than that. You are stronger and your contributions to society by leading and sharing can change the world. The future rests on the individual and you are a great person to start to make positive change.

I as I read in ad in a magazine, “Move the Future Forward, Today!”

It begins with you.

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