Things to bring to Bluff Creek Olympic Triathlon

I have compiled my list of what I think I need for my race this weekend. For those of you who have raced before, am I forgetting anything?

Things to bring to Bluff Creek Triathlon

Saturday Preparations

ð        Sleeping Bag/Pillow

ð        Water Jug

ð        Snacks


ð        Waffles

ð        Peanut Butter

ð        Toaster

ð        Coffee


ð        Wetsuit

ð        Triglide or something for neck, ankles, wrists

ð        Tri shorts

ð        Tri top

ð        GU for 15 minutes before race

ð        Water for GU

ð        Goggles

ð        Swim Cap

ð        Towel


ð        Bike

ð        Helmet

ð        Sunglasses

ð        Bike Shoes

ð        GU Chomps(a necessary precaution, probably won’t use)

ð        Bonk Breaker Bar

ð        2 GU (only need one, but taping two to the bike in case I drop one)

ð        GU Roctane Mix for Water Bottle #1 (need to go buy some more)

ð        Water Bottle #2 for Water

ð        Gum

ð        Flat Tire Kit

ð        Race belt(need to buy one)

ð        Garmin Watch


ð        Tri Shoes

ð        Lubricant for my feet(blister protection)

ð        GU pack

ð        Water at Transition for GU pack(perhaps Water Bottle #3)


ð        Xterra bag for wetsuit

ð        Xterra bag for all this stuff

ð        A few extra GU’s, bonk breaker bars, and water

ð        Change of clothes and sandals

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3 thoughts on “Things to bring to Bluff Creek Olympic Triathlon

  1. You aren’t going to need near that much nutrition dude. Maybe a gel before the swim, a drink mix for the bike (drink it all) and a GU if you feel you need it before the run. Olympic distances are only going to be 2-2.5hrs.

  2. True, it looked like a lot when I was typing it. I just don’t want to be in need and not have it available. My plans are gu before swim, drink on bike and gu on run as you suggested. The rest are more of my security blanket!