#TIC14 – Speedgeeking with Coffeechug Version 2.0 – Reflection and Notes

15 minutes after I presented a new presentation I have put together where the audience makes BrushArtBots, I launched a new presentation. Last year I crafted this presentation and it was my most successful and popular presentation by far. The challenge I made for myself for this summer and upcoming school year was to not duplicate any material and try to be a bit outside the normal zone of ideas that are typically shared. One thing that I am starting to see at conferences is the same ideas being spewed over and over. I want something fresh. Even if you don’t know what I am talking about or you have no idea how you could apply what I am sharing it is at least getting you to think differently. You can see what I shared in version 1.0 in the link above or check out my Presentation page here on the site.

Here are my slides that I crafted for #TIC14

I needed another 30 minutes. As I was planning these slides I did not think I had enough, but my audience was awesome. They talked, they asked great questions, and shared some important ideas that were good for me to think about as well as the rest of the group. When launching a new session you never quite know how it will go. My audience was a great turnout so I had to deliver.
My goal was to not only deliver websites and apps and toys, but to also have them think about ideas in education. I weaved in a lot of past blog posts and short presentations I have done during the past school year to my school and so forth. I have some things to tweak, but overall I received a lot of positive feedback which means I am on the right track.
I also have created a page on this site where all sources are listed. I am in the process of revamping the page as I  lost everything I put on the page. Please give me some time I will have it looking nice soon.
If you attended I would love to know what you plan on using and what stood out to you. For me, I was so pumped once I got going. I already  have ideas for V3.0
Thank you to everyone who attended. I always appreciate presenting to more than an empty room.

Below are the questions and ideas shared on Todaysmeet.com during the presentation. I always take time afterwards to respond to them all. If you have further questions, ideas, suggestions, etc. please contact me and let me know. My responses are in bold.
Your room sounds amazing! I’d like to hangout at the nerd room! I love the Coffeechug Cafe. The key is just like we talked about in the beginning. Create your own mood and atmosphere that makes your room YOU! Every classroom should have its own flavor.
Ready for v2.0 !  By this statement I am assuming your attended V1.0 so I would love to hear your ideas between the two.
I need to create my office with this type of atmosphere. Thanks for the ideas already.  Please share pictures of how you transform. I love before/after pictures. They tell so much.
Great reflection questions for us to think about!  I am glad you enjoyed them. I wish I could record all conversations so I could hear all the amazing ideas.
Love the pirate (#tlap) references @burgessdave would be proud.  He is the man! Or should I say pirate!
Give teachers time to play!  If you search my website for Teacher Tinker Time you will find all sorts of posts and examples of what we did this year. 
LOVE Tinker Time!

I want to do this, would love to create this for our teaching team. Here is a list of blog posts on Teacher Tinker Time http://coffeeforthebrain.com/?s=teacher+tinker+time&submit=Search
Dissecting owl pellets!  This activity never gets old!
I wish we had it at my school 🙂  Make it happen! Let me know how I can help.
Will share with our new Instructional Coach
What would you do without technology? How would people deal with that?  Great question. I am starting to find that I am reverting back to activities that are not so technology based. Making things and taking things apart to remix are so much fun. It can be done. Like anything it is all about mindset.
Where do you get your ideas from for teacher tinker time? I look for things on social media. I also am a book nerd and read all the time. I will post on the main page a list of books I refer to all the time.
Do you do the project planning for every project a teacher does? Just about. I like to be part of it all so I can help see where teachers are overlapping, where I could connect different teachers and subjects, and help problem solve. I love it!
How long doe the project tuning usually take? One prep period. We have it down to about 37-40 minutes. Ideally, I would love to have an hour, but we don’t have the time. Here are some PBL posts and here is my wiki where I house all the documents you need to get started
Brilliant “Key point!”  One of my favorites. And yet it happens all the time.
Which tuning protocols do you think work best with students? with teachers? Check our our protocols here They work awesome as long as you follow the rules.
Legoland gives time & allows relations/conversations & learning begins/we have to capture their hearts before we can capture their minds.
Love all of your ideas to transform the atmosphere of your school by showcasing your students’ projects and work! 
Fabulous resources!

Would you share your google community again?

Here is a link to the Google Community Group: http://buff.ly/LHdIp5

Here is a link to my Play PD on my website if you want to read some thoughts of my own: http://coffeeforthebrain.com/category/play-pd/

I would recommend joining and back reading. If you can check out the panel chats. They are really good!

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