Time to help with Brainstorming Session

My 5th grade students want to prepare a presentation on Iowa and then provide a lesson via Skype to students all over the world and US. 

What would you like to know about Iowa?

Leave a comment with some suggestions and ideas. We are collecting as many thoughts as we can. Thanks for helping us out.

Here are some ideas so far:
-sending out a can of Coke to compare taste of pop around the world(not sure if we can mail pop or not yet)
-Sharing about the artist Grant Wood and gather info at our art museum
-Sharing info about John Deere and gather info at the factory/business here in Quad Cities
-Sharing about the Mississippi River
-Wildlife of Iowa
-Sharing interesting facts about the area like we have an Egyptian mummy in our city!

Please help us put together a great presentation. 

If you live in Iowa, what else could we focus on?

If you live outside of Iowa, what would you like to know about the state?

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