Tink Tank 2 CSD

Tink Tank 2: Squishy Circuits and More

Presenter: Aaron Maurer

Instructional Coach at Bettendorf Middle School

Email: aarmau@gmail.com

 CSD Tink Tank 2 Handout

Level 1: Base Foundation

Open up the contents

Touch, feel, discuss, question the materials

Use the task card provided to learn about the materials you have been given

Reflect on the importance of this step when teaching students

Share what happened during this step: http://padlet.com/coffeechug/tinktank2

Level 2: Explore

What happens if we do ________?

How does _________________ work?

Why did _________________ not work?

What if we combined ___________ and __________?

This step is to guide you to take a few steps outside of your comfort zone where you realize it is okay to make mistake and try things out. Come up with new ideas, learn some more skills and content and branch out a bit.

Share reflections about this step http://padlet.com/coffeechug/tinktank2

Level 3: Application

Now that you have built a base knowledge and experimented a bit it is now time to apply your knowledge. It is time to DO SOMETHING!

As a group you need to come up with an answer to the following driving question:

“What can you make to make life better for people?”

Share your answer here: http://padlet.com/coffeechug/tinktank2

Call to Action

What did other people create?

How did they answer the question?

How many varieties of answers were created, but all correct?

What further questions do you have?

How can you apply this to your classroom and teaching?

Please join the Play and Tinkering in the Classroom Community and post learning and ideas: http://bit.ly/1vHtpgH

For more resources and help please visit my page: http://coffeeforthebrain.com/tinktank2/

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