Training – 33 Days Until Living Farms Race – Day 1 – Weights

I woke up this morning ready to stage my next little racing challenge and goal. I am signed up for the Living History Farms Race in Urbandale, Iowa on November 19th.

Today is my first step back into getting in shape. I mixed things up by doing some circuit training. I have not lifted weights in a long time. I think the last time was back during the summer. Looking beyond this little training session I know I need to strengthen my body for my future goals. Typing this now it is obvious I have not lifted in a long time because my body is quivering and already feeling sore.

I kept the weights very low and focused more on technique and duration. Thanks to for the workout. I have followed this website for quite some time and they continue to push out some great workouts that give a fresh of breath air to lifting so you are not doing the same thing every single day.

Here is my workout that I completed.

Potential PT #1 – Circuit #1

Stretch/Warm Up
Circuit 3 Rounds of:
1. Medicine Ball Push Up Ladder – Use at least 4 different medicine balls – Up and Down the ladder once, Rest 60 seconds, Up and down the ladder again
2. Goblet Squat – 15 (with weight)
3. Pull Ups  – 15
4. Thrusters – 15
5. Hamstring Curls  – 15 on each leg
6. Shoulder Up and Outs – 12
7. Weighted Lunges Walking – 20 each leg (40 total)
1. Flutter Kicks – 1 Minute and 30 seconds (Abs/Lower Back/ Hip Flexors-Extensors)
2. Leg Lifts – 1 Minute (Abs/Lower Back/ Hip Flexors-Extensors)
3. Flutter Kicks – 1 Minute and 30 seconds (Abs/Lower Back/ Hip Flexors-Extensors)
4. Leg Lifts with Splits – 1 Minute (Abs/Hip Flexors-Extensors/Hip Adductors-Abductors/Inner Thighs/Lower Back)
5. Lean back and hold – 30 Seconds x 3 times (Abs/Lower Back – Fat Burning)
6. Plank – 2 Minutes (Lower Back/Abs – Fat Burning)

I can honestly say I completed everything. I struggled on the pull-ups, and the long duration of the abs circuit, but I got it done.

Back to outdoors for some running tomorrow.

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