Training – Week 15 – Week 13 of Marathon Training – Wednesday – Another Day of No Running, But Staying Positive

I am resting my foot yet again. Yes, it is about to drive me insane, but in my efforts to work on staying positive and realizing this minor setback will not stop me from my goals I could not help but put together a little post with pictures to keep me smiling and hopefully you too.

I must remember that I have prepared. I am ready just like my daughter Addyson who is ready to embark on another year of preschool. She is ready. She is excited. She is nervous, but cannot wait to find out what she is going to learn everyday. She is my reminder and source of inspiration to smile at the small things and to remember in the end everything always seems to work out.

Stay curious and question everything. Does her face not capture the essence of everything we do. Never lose your inquisitive nature to discover why things are what they are. Ava is our constant reminder to just sit back and enjoy all those small moments away from the stress of life, cell phone and online connections, and just sit and smile. We may not always understand all aspects of life or why certain things happen, but we must trust that everything happens for a reason just like Ava has to trust that we will take care of her despite Ava not always knowing what in the world is going in the Maurer household.

This picture may not show much to people who don’t know Addy, but she gets so nervous being around new people and trying new things. It takes everything she has to be able to get on a soccer field and play despite how much she just wants to get after it. I was the same way and in many aspects Addy and I are going through the same phases as I have continued to journey into the unknown world of running a marathon. We cannot be afraid to get involved in life and try something new. Who knows what we can achieve unless we try. We get after it and kick life into gear.

Let us never forget all the people who help us along the way. In any journey we can only reach our destination with the help from others. I have so many people who have aided me in my pursuit of a marathon from my wife Amanda who tolerates so much to Jeff Paul who is a role model and inspiration. Aiden is the symbol of being a great leader and mentor. He is an amazing 6 year old boy who just brightens the mood with his smile. It is amazing that whenever he is in sight of Ava she instantly smiles and gets excited. For how aggressive and testosterone charged Aiden is with life it amazes me how quickly he becomes a gentle giant to Ava. Never forget how much we impact others whether we realize it or not.

I don’t have to say with this picture except for some reason it cracks me up. I guess I would have to say to enjoy the moment you are in because it will be gone before you know it. I don’t know what the future holds for me and my training, but I have loved every minute of it. I still have quite a bit to accomplish and get ready prior to my marathon, but having time right now away from running due to my foot has really forced me to sit back, increase my mental talk and strength and reflect on how far I have come. Just like Ava who a few weeks back could not do much is already rolling over and sitting in a high chair. Time flies by so take time to enjoy the moment you are in.

I am GETTING IT DONE! despite not running. I am mentally preparing for the challenge. This little setback is not going to get in the way of goal. A little bump in the road is all it is and some reflecting this morning reminds me that I am ready and I am surrounded by amazing people.

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