Training – Week 8 – Week 6 of Marathon Training – Monday

Monday I took the run nice and slow. It was very hot and humid. My body feels battered and torn so I did not want to push too much. I ran nice and slow running the 4 miles in 33:38. I never got into a good vibe on the run, but it felt good to get out and sweat like crazy. I need a few more runs to get my body stable in the heat.

I have a big week ahead with 35 miles of running. I have never ran this much before in a week so this will be a big week for me. In that 35 miles I have a 18 mile run which has me quite nervous.

Another big week to challenge my brain. GETTING IT DONE

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One thought on “Training – Week 8 – Week 6 of Marathon Training – Monday

  1. Hey Aaron,

    Good luck this week…especially with the long run. When I have a run like that I try to get it in when the weather is cooler. I look ahead at the forecast and pick the best day. I use the shorter runs to acclimate to the heat but the long run is such an important one I want it to go well so I try to do it when the conditions will be best. Keep up the great work!