Using Google Glass Note Taking With Evernote Follow Up

I posted  a few days ago a video documenting the possibilities of Google Glass and Evernote in the Classroom

It is time to take a look at what was transcribed by Google Glass(click image to access the actual Evernote Note)


You can see that it needs some work. I was speaking with no background noise or distractions. I will try again with a slower speech rate to test, but for now I am going to focus on this piece. This was a bit disappointing because I was hoping for a much clearer translation. I don’t think I spoke too quickly. I am really hoping this is something that can be improved upon before public release. I know there are other software platforms that would do a much better job.

BUT, if Google does clean it up and make it work here are some ideas to make this connection between Google Glass and Evernote powerful

1. Edit the document to make it look more effective. Begin to develop new paragraphs, bullets, and lists. You can have a professional looking class transcription that can prove to be a valuable resource for both students and the teacher.

2. Insert hyperlinks into the notes to provide a more immersive and hands on document

3. Date and time stamp everything to keep a record of all teaching within your Evernote account

4. Mass potential to share this out to parents and students. Really could be groundbreaking

5. The note option becomes vital for the classrooms where parents do not want their child recorded for any reason

I think this option is one that cannot be tossed aside. It may not be the prettiest, but it is loaded with potential.

From this experiment I came up with two ideas for Google Glass

1. Create an audio record option. No video or notes, but just audio in an mp3 format.

2. If that option above does not work, then you could record video and strip away the audio to achieve the same effect. Teachers could use the audio to share out like a podcast.

What do you think?

What would you like to see tested next?

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