We need each other, but are scared to share and ask!

How do we make “helping” the norm in education? We must start to work towards building a community where from the start it is okay and expected to ask and need help.

There should be no shame in asking for help.

In order for this to happen we have to develop a system where teachers are not threatened to share their ideas. I don’t think it so much that people are afraid to ask, but that many are afraid to share. If we share out what we are doing, then other teachers feel threatened, think that teacher is too confident, and the mind warp that exists with our students develop with the staff.

We must move beyond the mindset that we are not sharing to brag, but sharing to help. We need our doors open and get away from the old days where people did not want others in their room. Anyone should be able to come in, check things out, and learn.

Who will lead the way? What schools have a system in place already where teachers broadcast what they are doing so other teachers can come check it out?

I would love to see examples of how this is being done.

With so many people I talk the issue of being scared to share their ideas is a major roadblock. Somehow we must work to show and help educators see the power in sharing ideas. It is not so much that you share, but the spiral effect where others begin to reach out, they begin to realize all these ideas exist, and in return by sharing you help others and they help you!

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