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In our Young Engineers of Today program we start off the with teaching students how to program and use HTML and CSS. It is a small dose of programming, but it is a good exposure to show them what is required for pages to work on the internet. We spend about two webinars teaching HTML which is just a small dose to what they are capable of doing.

This page is dedicated to providing more resources to help students gain more skill and knowledge about HTML and CSS. The goal is to expose students to a new programming interface for them to apply. In this case, the coding will help them develop a website(Google Sites) to create their own digital portfolio of their work.

If you know of other valuable resources please reach out. Or, if you have questions please reach out so I can help you find the answers.


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Code Academy is a fantastic starting place for beginners of coding. The beauty of this site is that it teaching you how to code with text editor, but it provides the opportunity to see how it performs so you can see your work in action. This is a great site and once I recommend for all students who are just starting out. This can easily be applied towards what we are learning in YEOT and to our Google Sites. If you are not in YEOT you can apply to your own site. I would love to see what you create and develop. Share your links so I can share them here!

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This is another great resource that I use as I try to expand my own coding skills beyond just the basics. What I like about this site is that the tutorials are very helpful, but what I tend to use more than anything is finding out specific how-to. For example, if you click HTML you can find a whole list of topics on the side menu to find exactly what you need. This goes along great when trying to teach yourself and challenge your abilities.


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Another fantastic resource. I love how they are trying to get more girls involved. We need more girls in engineering and programming. Period! This site helps to bridge that gap. However, don’t let the name fool you boys! The resources are great and teach same ideas as resources above it in a different way. Just another angle to learn. Find your path and make it happen.





Made With Code by Google – this has a lot of options to get started


I need to order this newer version of this book. I will date myself and say that I wore out my fourth edition of this book in college when I focused on web design for my masters degree. I love books and sometimes I just need a good old book in my lap while I work so I can highlight, make notes, and develop my own resource


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