Wetsuit – HELP! How do you put this thing on?

Last week I ordered my wetsuit. I ordered a XTERRA wetsuit. I ordered the Vector Pro wetsuit and using the discount from Jeff Paul I could not pass up the steal this came out to be.

Now, I have never in my life worn a wetsuit. Ever.

IMG_2547Two days later my wetsuit arrived in the mail. I was excited. I was nervous because this makes everything real for me. Another cost to the training so I know I better get some use out of it to make worthwhile.

I opened up the package and saw my suit through the packaging. I knew that this was going to be interesting for sure. I laid it out and began to unwrap the suit and attempt to try it on. I knew this was a key moment because it was just me and Ava. Nobody to laugh at me as I made a fool of myself.


However, as I began to put this suit on Ava was looking at me like I was crazy. You can tell she is thinking that her dad is crazy. I was struggling to put this on. Perhaps I should have read up on how to put on a suit.

This bad boy is tight. I mean it literally is a second skin.

Without scaring you with other photos, let me just say I was not successful on my first attempt. I was barely able to get it up over my shoulders. I questioned the size and after sweating buckets I finally took it off and called it a day.


This weekend I gave it a new try. I contacted Jeff and he gave some very useful advice. I started again and was able to get it all the way on. Amanda had to help zip me up. I know these make you faster, but I question how in the world I am to swim in one of these? I am sure it will work out when I hit open water for the first time and give it a try, but right now I am not in agreement with scientific data.

More importantly, my transition time in T1 might be more than my swim time. It takes me forever to get this suit off. I might not make the cutoffs due to my transition time.

Like anything I am sure it will only get better, but this was another reminder of all the things I keep on learning about this sport. There is so much more than just running, swimming, and biking.

Here I am with it on. This reminded me that this year is going to be full of surprises and things to remember for a lifetime. I feel like the Venom and that I should have superpowers with this suit on.

First time in wetsuit
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3 thoughts on “Wetsuit – HELP! How do you put this thing on?

  1. I know what you mean, getting the suit on and off is the toughest thing sometimes. I have the same suit and it has worked well for me so far, so it should work well for you. You might want to think about shaving your legs and arms (if you don’t already) and, as strange as it sounds, that is a big help in getting the suit on and off. Chamois Butter and Body Glide are a must too. One key thing to remember is pull it up with the palms of your hads flat on the suit – if you use your fingers you stand a good chance of a fingernail knicking the outer material. Good luck!!!

  2. Aaron,

    I’ve got some tricks to help you get it off fast. It will take you less than 20 seconds to get the thing off…I promise! You look great in it. I hope you like it. You’ll be amazed at how much easier swimming is and if you want to find out go to the North YMCA where the water is a little cooler and do 10x 50’s on the 60 second interval in the wetsuit. Before you do that do the same workout without it a couple days before and compare your average time throughout the set. My brother was 9 seconds/50 faster in the same suit you got!!