What Have I Been Doing?

Besides the enjoyment of not being at work during the summer, there is rarely a day that goes by where I am not busy doing something. I have yet to have a day to just sit and read and be nerdy. The last couple days I have been working on one of my Honey Do items. I worked to change our dining room from the red painted walls which were painted red two times (6 coats of paint total) the last couple years to a nice light yellow.

As you can see here I had to paint three layers of paint to hide the yellow.
This was using the Behr paint that had the primer mixed in with the paint. It was a good paint, but still took many coats. Trying to hide red is near impossible.

After painting the walls yellow, I then had to tackle the challenge of chair rail bead board with trim all painted white. I am not a man who is good with tools. If it has a keyboard I am good to go, but anything else watch out. However, considering this was my first time doing this I think it turned out awesome. My wife is also quite happy. I had to not only deal with uneven walls and corners, but also acquiring the necessary tools. I also had to dabble with the changing out of the electric outlets as we had to switch them all to white. Now I am off to fixing my kitchen wall so I can paint that room again and put up the same bead board up in the kitchen as well. Funny how one project just merges into another….

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