Why do we subject students to experiences that we would never subject ourselves to?

As teachers have you really thought your lesson or project through?

I mean have you considered it from the viewpoint of a student? This can be hard to do, but let us not forget this vital persepctive in education.

As a teacher we sometimes create to meet a standard or benchmark because we “HAVE” to. In that process of frustration and sometimes just lacking time we piece things together. On the flipside we also create massive projects with all sorts of things happening.

Don’t forget to stop, refocus your vision and go through the material as student. Would this be something you would have wanted to do as a student? Perhaps you bring in a student or a group who are not part of your class and have them review the material.

Sometimes what we teach is not the best way. Not because we don’t care or have not tried, but we have only looked at it through one lens and not several.


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