Writer’s Block Does Not Exist So Why Can’t I Write My Ebook?

I have goals and aspirations.

I want to create quality work where I am asked to keynote.

I want to develop high level workshops to help educators around the world.

I want to continue to develop quality sessions for conferences.

I want to strive to be the best educator that I can become.

We all have goals. One goal that I have not listed above is one that has been plaguing me for years.

I want to write and publish a book.

I have started at least six different books with thousands of words and clever titles. Yes, I never completed one of them. I always lose steam. This seems weird to me because I write almost daily during the school year here on this site and I always joke around that I have at least three books sitting between all these posts.

I read something a few days back(cannot remember what it was), but it was about writing ebooks and how these need to be shorter than a typical book that can be completed during a commute to work.

This seems more realistic for me and for some reason really struck a chord with me. Perhaps I have been biting off more than I can chew. Perhaps I should downsize my original thoughts and come up with a 10,000 word ebook to start with. This seems doable. This has me excited to write again.

Just this morning I was listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast where he talks to Neil Strauss and he said something interesting about writing.

Neil states, “Writer’s block does not actually exist”.

I wanted to disagree with him because I have been in a block for about five years. He then states about a session he did with people for a workshop and in the end he had everyone writing. He says “Writer’s block is like the equivalent of  impotence, it is the performance pressure you put on yourself that keeps you from doing something that you naturally should be doing.”

This makes sense. I need not worry about the book and what people think. I need to write the book for me.

So with what is left of the summer I plan on developing on one of two ideas

1. Teacher Tinker Time

2. Instructional Coach: How to be a leader and friend and not an evaluator

So, I will work like Neil suggests. The first draft is to write for yourself. Once you get to the second draft you worry about the reader.

Here we go! I will start to write and see where the path takes me.

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