Writing is hard, but essential for clarity

It does not matter the purpose to your writing. What matters is that you are writing.

There is a calmness that leaves the brain when words are released from the inner swirl of your head onto a canvas(whether digital or analog) where they appear one tiny letter at a time.

I was reminded this morning during my morning reading to take nothing more than 7 minutes to pause and appreciate life.

During this moment of coffee, my dog, and birds, I started to think about my blog and how I have not been writing as consistent as I should  want to during the week.

I stopped

Sipped my coffee


And watched birds

This morning I am reminded that it does not matter the form of writing as long as you write. I have been writing, but not publicly. I am learning a new form of writing known as a business plan. It is hard. Does not make sense to my brain.

It is essential. It is forcing me to prove my ideas. To think thoroughly over my goals. To be clear. To be concise. To share with the world my vision that is indeed swirling around in my head.

I have to tell myself that just because it is not public does not mean it did not happen. I can run without posting the miles all over social media. Or people can do a Crossfit work without telling the world(I think this is possible?).

So I am going back to take another 7 minutes. To make sure my head is clear. To make sure I soak in this world. And when the time is right the writing will happen.

Make sure you take time to write

  1. Goals
  2. Dream
  3. Weird thoughts in your head
  4. Fiction
  5. _______

Find a space and write. Craft time to be a creator and not just a consumer. Trust me. You will feel good.

Your new morning workout prescribed by me

7 minutes of clarity

7 minutes of writing

Go be awesome!

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One thought on “Writing is hard, but essential for clarity

  1. Awesome!!! I am reading The True Secret of Writing, by Natalie Goldberg. She does retreats with sitting (meditation), slow walking, and then writing. And this is done all in silence. I am trying, as much as I can, to replicate some of her practices for I do believe the sitting and slow walking brings clarity, deeper thought, which ultimately leads to greater and more meaningful writing. The silence portion is difficult with two kids underfoot 🙂 Best of luck on the business plan…I am excited to hear about it!