YEOT Fall 2014

Come check out what we are doing in our first class of Young Engineers of Today!

We will update this page each week as we continue to learn, program, hack, make mistakes, and create awesomeness together!

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YEOT Calendar

YouTube webinars are recorded to go back and view

Week 1: September 3rd – Intro to Young Engineers of Today webinar

Week 2: September 8th and 10th webinars – Intro to HTML coding, developing Google Site, and creating pages

Week 2: September 9th Open Lab – Expectations, tools, soldering skill development, and beginning of adjustable power supply kit project(see link below)

Week 3: September 15th and 17th – Scratch programming to gain visual perspective of how coding works before moving into code

Week 4: September 22nd and 24th – Arduino programming using Sparkfun Inventors Kit

Week 4: September 23rd Open Lab – Finish Adjustable Power Supply Kit

Week 5


YEOT Projects

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Soldering Tips and Practice: (coming soon)

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 2.52.52 PM

Soldering Project 1: Adjustable Power Supply

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.25.09 AM

Open Lab 1: Solder Skill and Solder Project

Open Lab 2: Adjustable Power supply

Open Lab 2: Adjustable Power supply


Electric Tree

Electric Tree

General Resources

7 Cornerstones of Making with Kids:








6.4.14 Information Meeting Presentation: Young Engineers of Today: Information Slides 

To learn more about YEOT check out the resources

Hashtag for social media #yeot







 Other Links

The World is a Makerspace, Not a Classroom

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