YEOT: Fall 2015 Lab 1 – Building Structures Design Challenge

The fall semester of Young Engineers of Today has officially kicked off. Students have started with webinars learning about bridge and structure designs and what goes into actually building various designs. Every two weeks we host a lab where students come to the classroom after school and they learn how to apply the knowledge and actually make and construct through a hands on environment.

The first lab is designed to do challenge their thinking based on the webinar in addition to helping them learn to work together, share ideas, understand that things not working is not failure, but learning, and have some fun along the way.

Instead of typing up every step of the lab this semester I am trying something different. I have created an Office Mix where I share the lab, the materials, and explain the reasons behind everything. I hope this helps other educators learn how to copy the ideas. I hope it helps parents see the learning taking place. I hope that it inspires others to share the great things they are doing.


Enjoy and I would love any and all feedback

Here is a link to the Office Mix

If you would like to watch it on YouTube


Here are the materials for the actual project build I used

K’NEX Intro to Structures

Duct Tape

Pipe Cleaners

Masking Tape


Flexible Straws

Computer Paper


And I wish I had this kit so if you want to buy me one

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