009: Living On The Edge of Chaos: Educators: Stand UP and BELIEVE in YOURSELF #YOUMATTER #GGEE

For this podcast I wanted to test out my Google Glass to see how audio sounded. I did not do any editing of the audio whatsoever on this one. I ripped the audio from the video.

The topic of this podcast is Teacher Voice. I believe that as important as it is to continue to push for more student voice in education we cannot leave out the importance of Teacher Voice. More teachers need to jump into the conversations. More teachers need to connect and collaborate. More teachers need to fight for what we know is needed to make education a positive experience for students.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and look forward to any feedback, questions, or thoughts you have after viewing or listening on any of the channels.

Thanks so much for taking time to listen.


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I have posted the video below in case you want to watch the video of me driving while talking.

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One thought on “009: Living On The Edge of Chaos: Educators: Stand UP and BELIEVE in YOURSELF #YOUMATTER #GGEE

  1. Loved your encouragement! I definitely need to believe in myself more not only for myself but for my students…. I’m so bad at talking down to myself and not believing I know enough. Thank you! I happened upon your site because of google glass. I just got mine and am exploring ways to use in my class. I am a 6th grade math teacher in Georgia. I totally believe we have to change the way we teach math and allow this technology to revolutionize education. I’m curious how you were able to video for 10 minutes? I haven’t taken many videos yet, but mine will only take 10 seconds?? I’ve literally had it one day :). Looking forward to seeing other ways you used glass in your classroom.

    Thank you again!