032: Quad Cities Ghost Hunters

I am really excited to share some amazing work of 7th grade students. One of our incredible educators from Bettendorf Middle School launched a project in her language arts class where students went on field trips to a variety of locations in the Quad Cities to explore whether or not these places are indeed haunted.

Students conducted field research and came back to work and develop a podcast to showcase and highlight their experiences.


What you are about to listen to are the top recordings of each location to give you the best listening experience.

Sit back, listen, and enjoy the podcast. The students welcome any feedback, comments, ideas, and most importantly if you have any stories from these locations or other locations.

In a future episode we will record a podcast with the students and teachers about the actual project and how to implement in your classroom.

But for now, we hope you don’t get too scared and maybe check out some of these locations for yourself.

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Here are the posters for the other four locations(fifth location posted above) also created by students in case you want to learn more



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