033: Living on the Edge of Chaos with Tammy Dunbar

Season 3 of Living on the Edge of Chaos podcast is ready to knock your socks off with none other than Tammy Dunbar talking Genius Hour.

It has been a long time since season 2 ended. In that void of episodes I had a series of small side podcasts(all on the same channel) testing things out.

After some learning, revision, and moving into action Living on the Edge of Chaos is here.

I cannot be more excited to start off season 3 with anyone other than Tammy Dunbar. Tammy is a 5th grade teacher from California who also teaches technology and does a ton of trainings for teachers around the world. She is one who not just talks the talk, but walks the walk.

In this episode we discuss Genius Hour. Genius Hour has been covered many times, but this episode looks at the bigger picture of Genius Hour.

  • How does one connect this concept to the standards?
  • How do we move away from it being a “pocket of innovation” into the culture of innovation for a school?
  • Can implementing a program like this actually raise test scores?
  • What happens when we treat students as more than simply a number and data plot?

Below are the links to all references in the podcast to learn more.

We hope you enjoy. As always please reach out with questions, ideas, thoughts, and reviews by leaving a comment on iTunes or leaving a comment on the blog(coffeeforthebrain.com)

Last, you can reach out to Tammy on her website or on Twitter.

Enjoy this episode and be ready for an amazing season of pushing our thoughts on the status quo of education.

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3. If  you care to watch the video version, then here you go!


Show Notes

CV: https://docs.com/tammy-dunbar/about

Liberating Genius OneNote Journals/Lessons by Tammy


Liberating Genius Into Sways by Tammy


Free eBook “Liberating Genius” By Angela Maiers & Mark Moran


Liberating Genius by Angela Maiers


If looking for a list of pretty much everything Genius Hour, then check out this LiveBinder put together by Joy Kirr

A list of all previous episodes can be found here

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