055: Living On The Edge of Chaos – Living By Leading with Laurel Braaten

This is a special episode speaking with a student of mine who has inspired me to step and lead by my actions. She has pushed my thinking into taking the leaps in life to find out what could be. This student, Laurel Braaten, has modeled the way to not only think about ideas, but to work hard to take the plunge to make the ideas happen.

Laurel is more than a student. She is a leader. She has inspired not just her peers, but adults, school leaders, and more to be inspired by being in her presence.

She has inspired me.

This episode was recorded just before the start of the school year as she was preparing for her senior year of high school. It is always amazing to hear the insights and remember that she is a student.


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Show Notes

How would you define leadership? (4:40)

What have you done to model how be a leader? (6:00)

How do you go about being a leader? How do you handle the adversity and setbacks? (9:00)

What are your methods to help get other people on board with the ideas? (13:00)

What is your WOW project of the moment? (19:30)

What is advice to help people start leading by taking action? (23:00)

Lightning Round

What are you reading right now?

  • Pamphlet from United Nations

Who is someone we should all follow and learn from?

What is your spirit animal?

  • Gazelle

Final Thoughts or Nuggets of Wisdom

  • Make sure you are surrounded by good people who are just as passionate as you are


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