2016, Goals, Productivity, and the Opposite of Doing Nothing

I have been quiet on my blog for most of December. I have my usual feeling to look back at 2o15 like everyone else to look at how we have grown, did we achieve our goals, and what did the year mean to us?

I have been wanting to do this. I have the tabs open. I have a list a mile long of things I want to get done. I have list of goals and thoughts for 2016.

It will come. Things will change. Ideas will develop.

However, as an educator it is winter break. The goal is not to do more work, but to take the days given to us to recharge.

So, all these things will be done, but for now I will draw pictures, read Harry Potter, play Star Wars Battlefront, go out to eat, and sit on the couch and read.

I will opt for hanging with family and doing very little.

Because we all know once January 4th hits we will be full throttle will all the demands of education.

Doing nothing is important. It is just as important as being busy because both have this facade where when we do nothing we feel like we are wasting time and when we are busy we think we are being productive. Don’t feel fooled.

Enjoy the nothing so you are ready to be productive, not busy. And now I go back to defending Endor.

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