3D Print Your Very Own Cookie Cutter

I am happy to announce that after all this time I have finally published my first Instructables. I won’t even begin to go into how many drafts I have developed over time or how many tutorials I have made on YouTube where I thought I should post to Instructables…..and didn’t.

As I continue to share the message of sharing our work, being proud of our work, and sharing for the sake of helping others and not attention, I finally can check my box off my list.

For my first project I posted a simple TinkerCad tutorial on how to make a star cookie cutter and 3D print the design.

This is something we are doing in my nonprofit classes with the hopes that it serves as a baseline to individual innovative creative designs and more importantly some awesome looking and delicious tasting cookies.

Here it is! Enjoy and I hope you make something great and share with me and others. If you make cookies please let me know.

Onwards to the next project!

Designing 3D Print Cookie Cutter in TinkerCad 

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